League of Legends 2017 Season

Since we have so many people that support Extra Life @ Macon and like to play League of Legends, we decided to do something new and exciting. This year, we decided to create a short season of League of Legends just for Extra Life @ Macon Supporters.

Since this is our first year, we are setting a goal of 8 teams of 3, with each team having the opportunity to have 1 alternate a piece. We will be playing on Twisted Treeline for the entire season.

As for the prizes, here's where we are starting out:


  • 1st place: $50 worth of RP ($150 total)
  • 2nd place: $25 worth of RP ($75 total)
  • 3rd place: $10 worth of RP ($30 total)

Post-season tournament:

  • 1st place: $35 worth of RP ($105 total)
  • 2nd place: $20 worth of RP ($60 total)
  • 3rd place: $10 worth of RP ($30 total)

As stated, these are our initial prizes. As we get more participants and more sponsors, we will increase the prizes and expand the tournament for more teams.

What do you get for your $20 entry fee?

On top of the entry for the season and the tournament, you will receive a free entry into the Extra Life @ Macon main event on November 11 as well as free admission for the tournament, should you happen to want to attend and be apart of a team that will compete for the final.

Where does my entry fee go?

Your $20 is going be divided up to the prize pool and help defray any administrative costs, with every leftover penny going to the hospital we play for -- The University of Missouri Women and Children's Hospital in Columbia, Missouri.

Do I have to be present at the main event to compete in the finals?

No, this competition will be all based online. This event is not sanctioned by Riot Games, giving us the flexibility needed to make the finals online based. We will say that you are strongly recommended to come to the event -- especially since you get a free entry. However, we understand if you can't make it to the event and we will ensure you get any prizes you earn delivered as soon as possible.

How will the teams be formed?

This is where we encourage you to sign up as early as possible. We know that many people will sign up as part of a team, but there will be many that sign up as individuals. When signing up as an individual, we ask that you tell us your best roles in game. Using this information, we will work with other individuals to get you assigned to a team. We will provide the contact information of your fellow teammates and they will have yours. From there, you can coordinate with them about practice time and how to better get to know your teammates.

Keep in mind, you will have a month to work and get to know this team. If for any reason you cannot compete with this team, you can change teams. However, you must notify the staff at dcoleman@extralifeatmacon.com. These changes can occur during the pre-season between May 1 and May 31. On June 1, all teams will be locked and the season will begin.

Teams will be comprised of three primary team members and one person as an optional alternate teammate. This optional alternate teammate's primary role will be to fill in for members who cannot attend, for whatever reason. Currently, alternates are not eligible for prizes, however, that may change.

All team members are eligible to compete in the post-season tournament or can serve as fill-ins for the post-season teams if needed.

What about alternates?

Alternates are individuals that sign up with the knowledge that they will be used on an "as needed" basis, meaning that they can fill in for a team that requires their skills. Signing up as an alternate is free, however, it comes with no guarantee you will win or collect any prizes.

Got that? I hope so. Now it's going to get a bit complicated. It is important to realize that the Alternate distinction will come with certain restrictions:

  1. If a team uses an alternate to replace a member of the team that can't play a game or games, that alternate does not have to pay -- the entry fee for the member he/she is paying for covers the alternate.
  2. If you are named to a team as an alternate, you become essentially locked into that team, meaning you cannot play for any other team throughout the season and the tournament. This will prevent any hint of conflict of interest.
  3. Only the players that are participate in the final match for any team will be eligible for prizes. For example, if the alternate plays any games in the season, but not the final, and the team wins prizes, only those players that played in the final game will be eligible for prizes. This means that any team that earns a prize has the discretion to distribute as they see fit. That being said, every team is strongly encouraged to be fair and reasonable. Seriously -- don't be a dick.
  4. If you sign up as an alternate and a team needs a second and/or third to fill their roster, you must then pay the entry fee to participate in the season. It is important to note that your team must be constructed before the May 31 deadline and every member of the team must meet the eligibility requirements -- meaning they have to be at least 18 years old (or at least 16 with permission) and have paid the entry fee.

What will comprise a match?

All regular season games will be a winner-take-all best of 1. These games will take place primarily on Saturday or Sunday. If participation warrants, games may be scheduled during the week, but that will be avoided as much as possible. We will broadcast all games on our twitch account, and we will have full matches available for review. We are also working on having a weekly highlights show. We are working to determine where these matches and highlights will be displayed.

The regular season will last from June 1 until October 28th.

Currently, the top four teams will be eligible to compete in the post-season tournament. The first round will take place Saturday, November 4, while the finals will take place at the Extra Life @ Macon Main Event on November 11 where we will showcase the game. Matches in the tournament will be best 2 out of 3.

Okay, enough talk -- where do I sign up?

You can sign up here.