1. What is this event?
  2. What kind of stuff will be going on?
  3. What are the prices?
  4. What kind of stuff will you have for kids?
  5. What is the Kiddie Korner?
  6. Am I required to be with my children at all times?
  7. Is there an age limit or requirement?
  8. Payment methods?
  9. Do I only get to play my own games?
  10. Do I need to bring my own system or will they be provided?
  11. Once I go to the event do I have to stay?

What is this event?

Extra Life @ Macon is fundraising event to raise money for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. More specifically, we play for the MU Women and Children's Hospital in Columbia, Misosuri. What makes this fundraiser so unique is that it focuses on something we feel everyone enjoys -- gaming. Whether it's video games, board games, card games, or any other type of gaming. Whether you like to play solo or with your entire family, all gaming is welcome. Back to Top ↑

What kind of stuff will be going on?

We will be holding multiple tournaments with various prizes. There were be a play-and-win section where you can try new board games and put your name into a drawing for a chance to win those games. We'll also be selling food, door prizes, a 50/50 drawing, and we will be raffling off some great prizes. Keep coming back to this site to find out more information Back to Top ↑

What are the prices?

Entry into the event is $5. If all you want to do is come in, play your games with your friends, or find out what other games will be there. If you're interested in a tournament, all but Special Event tournaments are $5 a piece, or, if you want to access all the tournaments, you can pay $20 for all except the Magic: The Gathering Tournament. Here's a quick breakdown:
Tournament Regular Price All-Inclusive Wristband
Super Smash Bros. $5 Included
League of Legends $5 Included
Mario Kart $5 Included
Minecraft Build-off $5 Included
Magic:The Gathering Draft $15 $10
Chess $5 Included
FPS Marathon $5 Included
Board Game Marathon $5 Included
Nerf Duelling $5 Included
Kids 13 and under are free and we will have lots of stuff to do for them as well. Back to Top ↑

What kind of stuff will you have for kids?

We will have a whole kids section, complete with kids games, crafts, and other fun things for the kids to take part in, including a bouncy house. They will be supervised by our staff. Back to Top ↑

What is the Kiddie Korner?

The Kiddie Korner will be available between the hours of 10 am to 6 pm. Children ages 2 to 10 year olds. There will be kid friendly board and card games. Volunteers will be assisting with playing games with your children. Back to Top ↑

Am I required to be with my children at all times?

You are required to be at the event while your children are present. There will be a Kiddie Korner where volunteers will be playing and interacting with children. This will allow parents to play the more adult games that are available. When you come in with children, you and your children will be given a a wrist band with your names on it. We will monitor anyone who exits to ensure that children are accompanied by their parents or guardians when they leave. Back to Top ↑

Is there an age limit or requirement?

There is no age limit for entry into the Extra Life @ Macon Event. Tournament age limits are established based on game ESRB ratings and Manufacturer’s Suggested Age. Based on the games that are being played Tournaments will be 12 years and above. There will be a separate Checkers tournament for the kiddos running during the same time as the adult Checkers tournament. The Call of Duty Tournament will be for 17 year olds and above. Back to Top ↑

Payment methods?

Cash and check. Square will be available for debit and credit card transactions. Back to Top ↑

Do I only get to play my own games?

You can bring your own games but there will be games available to play. There will also be a play and win section. If you play one of these games and try them out you will receive a raffle ticket that you have the option to put towards winning that game or others. Every new game that you play that is in the play and win section you will have opportunity to receive raffle tickets for. Back to Top ↑

Do I need to bring my own system or will they be provided?

Extra Life will have at least three gaming consoles available for everyone to play. It is encouraged that you bring your own console, tv, computer system and games with you to maximize your game playing time. Back to Top ↑

Once I go to the event do I have to stay?

When paying for the event you will receive a wrist band. This wrist band will be your entry in and out of the event. You do not have to be present to win a raffle prize, but you must be present to win the 50/50 drawing and any door prize. Back to Top ↑